Brecht Waeghe

Digital Creative


Concept / Design / Air

In this student project I had to create a digital based magazine for iPad. MAG3 magazine is about cubeing culture. Every issue has his own theme with 5 big subcategories on this topic.

I don't own the rights of the images and copy used in this project.

Concept / Illustration

For my final project in Devine, I made a campaign for the dutch news website together with Jarne and Yordi Uytersprot. Go check it out and have fun with creating your own banner about the news.



Design / Flash / CMS

The website of NeroGiardini Benelux.
You can view the current collection and search nearby shops.


Space In Continuity

Concept / Cinema4D / After Effects

Demoreel for my motion class. It became a continuous sequence of forms in the same space.



Concept / Design

For a fictional designers community I designed print media and a website.



Concept / Design / PHP / Flex

With VMaster you can mix youtube videos, images and webcam video with your favorite youtube video. This student project was made with the Flex platform.


Darwin Online

Concept / Design / Frontend / After Effects

Darwin Online was a student project for the University of Cambridge. Sander Legrand and I were asked to redesign their current Darwin Online website and to propose an touch application for in a museum. The voyage of the Beagle was our well of inspiration.


Design <> Design

Concept / Design

As student graphic design at St-Lucas Ghent I created this poster and catalog for a fictional design exhibition.


Oxfam cafe

Concept / Design / After Effects

As final assignment for our first motion course I had to design a futuristic bar.


De Berckelaer

Concept / Design

While studying graphic design, I designed this biological wine box.


Filmfestival Avignon

Concept / Design

The assignment in our major atelier was to revoke a fictional filmfestival.